Joining PSSMA

The PSSMA has expanded its membership, and is now officially open to all US producers of paper bags and sacks to provide a national trade association with a mission of providing its member companies with programs and services which further the US paper bag and sack industry’s objectives.

If you are a US producer of multiwall or single wall paper bags of any type, we would like to invite a member of your company to attend our PSSMA 2020 Production Managers’ Seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The meeting will take place May 12-14, 2020 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton.  As a potential new PSSMA member, your representative would be eligible to participate in all meeting activities including the Board of Directors’, Technical Committee and Marketing Council meetings.  We want to hear from you and learn how we at the PSSMA can be of value most relevant to your organization.  And we will offer you a significantly reduced registration fee for this meeting to facilitate your introduction.  Please contact PSSMA for information on the 2020 Production Managers’ Seminar.

PSSMA will provide an inclusive forum for all US producers of paper bags and sacks to:

  • Advocate for the US paper bag and sack industry
  • Benefit from the economic efficiencies of joining a strong existing organization that focuses solely on paper bag and sack matters
  • Educate stakeholders about the environmental and economic benefits of paper bags and sacks
  • Learn about the latest trends in the technology of paper bag and sack production
  • Provide convenient and economical access to suppliers of materials and services to US paper bag and sack manufacturers
  • Receive granular industry safety performance report and identify best practices to improve workplace safety for all members
  • Contribute to and receive industry-level statistical information in a forum that protects the confidentiality of member data and complies with US antitrust law and regulations
  • Benefit from information exchange, presentations and discussions of key industry topics in two meetings each year monitored for compliance with US antitrust law
  • Become knowledgeable of all aspects of the paper bag manufacturing process at low-cost annual PSSMA Bag Boot Camp industry orientation sessions
  • Address important industry-level topics that are more effectively managed by an industry association, rather than at the individual company level (e.g. safety, regulations, etc.)
  • Support the mission of the American Forest & Paper Association in addressing federal, state and local legislative threats unique to the forest products and paper bag industries
  • Benefit from financial transparency and future dues increases limited to incremental costs of providing additional member services, as agreed to by the board of directors

We stand ready to represent your interests in the industry.  The PSSMA Annual Meeting is open to you at a discounted rate.  Please accept this invitation to join our “Paper Bag Community” to discuss and learn what benefits of PSSMA membership are most important to your company.