Why Join PSSMA

Advantages of PSSMA Membership

If your company is involved in the multiwall paper shipping sack industry, either as a manufacturer of industrial shipping sacks or consumer bags with paper content or as a supplier of goods or services to those who make these multiwall sacks in the United States, then the Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers’ Association is your best opportunity for: 

  • Easy and economical access to others in the industry in a legal forum where compliance with US antitrust law is a high priority
  • Access to extensive shipping sack statistical information and market research not available elsewhere
  • A means to participate in shaping policies on issues important to the well being of the multiwall industry and companies like yours who are impacted by those policies
  • An opportunity to benefit from industry promotional activities on matters that cannot be addressed effectively by individual companies.
  • Access to two meetings per year that are tightly focused on topics of strategic, economic, safety, operational, environmental and technical importance to the paper shipping sack industry, and provide the opportunity to network with other members in settings monitored for antitrust compliance.

Membership Categories

Regular Membership
Regular Membership is for all U.S. manufacturers of paper sacks and bags, including multiwall, special use single-wall, retail grocery bags and quick service retail style bags. 

  • Each Regular Member holds a seat on the Board of Directors to provide all with a voice in the governance of the Association.
  • Regular Members provide monthly statistical data and receive statistical reports tailored for their individual company on aggregated historical sack shipments and related business activity, such as inventory, order backlogs, etc.  Member data are maintained strictly confidential.
  • Additionally, Regular Members receive monthly statistics on paper consumption and imports of paper and laminated woven sacks and bleached and unbleached kraft paper.
  • PSSMA Members represent some 90% of US production of multiwall sacks, an industry with more than $1 Billion of annual sales.
  • Regular Members participate in surveys to learn valuable industry information not elsewhere available, such as safety performance, industry capacity, etc.
  • Regular Member dues are based upon multiwall paper sack and consumer bag sales.  Minimum dues are $3300 per year, and the dues rate is discounted for sales over $25 million per year.

Contact PSSMA for more information or to apply for Regular Membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for companies that supply goods or services to Regular Members of PSSMA. It is a vital component of support for the US multiwall industry. Over the past several years, PSSMA has placed a high priority on providing greater value for Associate Members, and has seen its Associate Membership grow in response.  It continues to appreciate its Associate Members’ contributions to the industry and regularly schedules its annual Production Managers’ Seminar at a location to facilitate tours of Associate Members’ facilities.

  • Associate Membership provides an effective and economical way to:
      – Establish and maintain relationships with US multiwall sack and consumer bag producers
      – Monitor important industry trends and developments
      – Support the development of policies and programs beneficial to the US multiwall industry
  • Associate Members receive monthly and quarterly statistical reports on paper consumption and sack shipments for twenty market segments, as well as detailed monthly information on imports of multiwall sacks and paper, paper consumption and business activity trends.
  • Associate Members may attend the PSSMA Production Managers’ Seminars and the PSSMA Annual Meetings.  In addition to the networking opportunities at receptions and dinners, one-on-one meetings may be scheduled to facilitate supplier/producer interaction. Attendance limitations apply.

For more information or to apply for Associate Membership, please contact PSSMA by email at admin@pssma.org or call us at 610-282-6845.