Why Choose Paper Shipping Sacks?

Made from a sustainable and renewable resource, the papers used in the construction of shipping sacks provide packaging designers with a wide range of desirable properties for the safe, durable, efficient and economical packaging of agricultural, industrial, construction and consumer goods and materials. Choosing paper shipping sacks makes perfect sense because:

  • By maximizing through highly evolved engineering processes the strength and other properties of sustainably harvested, often certified, natural wood fibers, paper can meet a demanding range of performance specifications with a small environmental footprint – one that the US paper industry is committed to reducing even more through achievement of its Paper Industry Sustainability goals.
  • By conforming so closely to the volume of the packaged product, shipping sacks use no more material than absolutely necessary to protect contents during their journey through the supply chain.  And using less packaging also translates into better economic efficiency in getting goods to market.
  • By incorporating a wide variety of flexible coatings and barrier materials into custom-designed packaging, shipping sacks provide an extremely broad  range of engineered features, such as:
  • Paper shipping manufacturers take advantage of the excellent printing surfaces offered by paper to achieve the superior graphics so important to moving pet food and other consumer products from supermarket aisles to shoppers’ carts.
  • Paper shipping sacks offer the widest possible range of waste management options, once their primary job is done.  They can be reused.  They can be recycled wherever recovery programs exist.  Not only do they reintroduce an especially strong fiber back into the recycling stream, but they contribute to the paper industry’s overall recycling leadership.  Empty shipping sacks can be safely converted into energy, just as the renewable materials associated with paper making are themselves converted into energy.  Finally, paper shipping sacks have the potential to be composted, if they don’t contain non-compostable barrier products.  Lots of choices!

So, by sticking with paper for shipping sacks, know that you are doing your part to encourage the efficient use of a renewable resource that starts in forests sustainably managed not only to provide paper but also give critters a place to live and people a place to enjoy the great outdoors.