New Video Demonstrates Paper Shipping Sack Recycling in Action

COOPERSBURG, PA (February 14, 2017) – The Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers Association (PSSMA) created a video that shows how one company successfully implements a recycling program for paper shipping sacks. The video is available here:

In the video, featured company Bake’n Joy empties, collects and recovers its paper shipping sacks, demonstrating the simplicity of its recycling program. By recycling paper packaging products, companies are able to reduce their waste disposal costs, divert waste from landfills, and promote their own environmental sustainability.

“We’ve been committed to sustainability for many years,” said Bob Ogan, president and CEO of Bake’n Joy. “Recycling the paper shipping sacks along with corrugated just seems natural, and it saves us money. Plus, we feel good about helping the environment.”

The PSSMA and the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recently launched an initiative to promote the recovery of unlined paper shipping sacks used for food products. A new on-package recycling emblem was introduced to help educate users of the new industry guideline affirming that paper shipping sacks meeting certain criteria can be recovered in the same collection stream as corrugated boxes (“old corrugated containers,” or OCC). When they are recovered together, implementing a recovery program is easy (especially since most manufacturers already recover their OCC for recycling).

Greg Storat, president of PSSMA, comments, “Companies like Bake’n Joy are leading the way and we hope many more will follow suit. We’d like to encourage food industry stakeholders to request the new recycling emblem printed on the qualified shipping sacks they use. The symbol will help promote awareness and boost recovery.”

Recyclable shipping sacks must be unlined with poly or plastic film; must have been used for food products or ingredients; and they must be emptied and shaken clean.